Refunds: Get money back online during the Coronavirus lockdown

There are several large companies that are offering refunds for services they are currently not able to offer. We have compiled a list of some, so do check if it applies to you.

(Disclaimer: Freelance Corner has gathered the following information from online sources, it is accurate at the time of writing. Please visit the relevant website for the latest updates.)

Home and car

Statutory Off Road Notification

If your car meets the criteria of being off road, and you are not using it during this period you are entitled to fill in the declaration and get a partial refund for tax already paid.

This may also be true if your road tax come up for renewal during this period.

Please check the DVLA guidelines for if you are eligible before you apply.

Sports subscription service

Press pause on your Sky Sports subscription, seeing as there is currently no sport on the tele. BT Sport are also offering two months’ credit on to your account to cover April and May.

Council Tax holiday

MoneySavingExpert has found that many councils are offering a holiday from your Council Tax payments. Check out their advice here, and see if you are eligible by calling your local authority.

Gym membership

Now the gyms are closed you may choose to cancel your membership and stop future payment, but a lot of gyms offer an option to freeze your membership so you won’t have to pay new sign-up fees when you go back. There are so many gyms out there and they will all have their own policy. It is worth having a look on their website and working out what solution might work best for you.

Trains and public transport

Transport for London

TFL will accept season ticket refund application with no admin fee, if you stopped using them* with enough time outstanding on them:

  • 6 weeks for annual
  • 7 days for monthly
  • 3 days for a weekly

*TFL can check when you last used the ticket

You will need your Oyster card number as well as bank account and sort code.

The only way to contact them is on this number: 0343 222 1234 so expect it to be busy. Once refunded, your Oyster will no longer have credit on it, so you will need to repurchase when you return to traveling.

Great Western Railway

GWR have altered their refund policy to make it easier to claim refunds on unusable tickets. They ask for those applying for partial refunds on season tickets to pay an admin fee of £10. Links and details can be found here.

Southeastern Trains

Southeastern have set up a dedicated Coronavirus refunds page which outlines criteria and methods of refund for both single-use and season tickets. They do not charge an admin fee and allow you to calculate in advance the refund you could get from your season ticket.

London North Eastern Railway (LNER)

LNER are waiving their usual admin fee for a refund and highlight that the number of calls they are receiving might make it impossible to get through. They recommend you apply for ticket refunds online.

Great Anglia

Great Anglia have provided a coronavirus update feed, which currently states they are not refunding advanced tickets but allowing you to change date of travel. They are charging a £10 admin fee for season ticket partial refunds.


ScotRail have an update page for Coronavirus and refunds, but normal refund processes should allow you to apply. It is worth noting that they are expecting refunds to take up to 28 days, due to high demand.

Northern Rail

Northern Rail have provided an update on refunds for coronavirus. They have removed the £10 admin fee and encourage online refund application for both advance tickets and season tickets.

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