Freelancers have the best home offices, and here's proof

Warning: Apparently, we don't all work from our beds...

A few days ago, as I sat proudly at my IKEA dining room table, I asked the freelancers of Twitter what their work from home set-up looks like. Now, I really want a shed. Here are some of the best responses: 

1. This beautiful, airy room

We wouldn't expect much less from someone with "best design" in their Twitter name.

2. Col, who swears this isn't a page from an IKEA catalouge.

But I'm not sure I believe him. 

3. Claire, who I think lives in Colin Firth's house in Love Actually

This garden office is serious goals. How do you get any work done in this beautiful spot!?

4. The illustrator who designed the best workspace

I would like to know where you got your desk from, please.


5. This moody sun-spot

I just want to sit in here while it rains.


6. The sleepwear CEO who lives in a perfume advert, apparently 

So sophisticated yet still working in her jammies. The dream.


7. This pink explosion of a home office

Featuring trolls, which I haven' t seen since I was in year six.


8. Not everyone works at a desk

This jewellery designer has a pretty cool work set-up featuring a gold hammer.


9. This couple with the ultimate work set-up

I hope they use the middle bit to play ping-pong at lunchtime.


10. April, who is keeping it real

Good luck adjusting the lumbar support on that. Thanks April, for representing us normals.


11. And finally, my personal fave, the Coronavirus special

So that's where all the baked beans went.


Think your home office beats these ones? Drop a pic in the comments below! 

By Jessica Hayden

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