We are excited to announce that Sian Meades-Williams is now Freelance Corner’s agony aunt!

Sian is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor who is best known for her newsletter, Freelance Writing Jobs. With 11 years’ experience in the writing industry, Sian is well placed to answer the questions you have on freelancing.

Last year, Sian announced that she is writing her book, The Pyjama Myth: The Freelance Writer’s Survival Guide. With a wealth of experience in freelancing, and a history of helping freelancers as they start out, Sian says she is here to help all freelancers, not just writers.

"Freelancers face such a unique set of circumstances. There's a lot crossover in experiences and issues that spring up for self-employed people across different industries, but there's also no one size fits all approach – everyone has unique circumstances and ways of approaching work. That's why I think a single place to discuss these issues is a really great thing. Freelancing is rewarding, but it's hard sometimes, and it can be quite lonely.

I want my advice column to not just talk about problems but to offer practical solutions. Whatever industry you're in, I hope that the advice is useful and inspire positive change."

Sian’s first column will be published tomorrow, answering a question many of us have asked: Should you work with your friends?

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