The search for work: Leveraging LinkedIn

Finding work can be hard work in itself. There are only so many hours in a day, and rejections can be really disheartening. Luckily, across February, Rebecca Roberts is here with some top tips to help us secure some clients!

When it comes to freelancing, LinkedIn it can be a useful space to seek work opportunities.

Here are some top tips on making the most out of your LinkedIn profile:

1. Update your profile: See your profile as an initial meeting with a prospective client. You can link to websites or social handles, and incorporate rich media within your profile. You can even put larger projects or examples of work as experience entries (like you would do for a previous employer).

2. Outline your offer but also what it can solve: Be clear about what you’re good at, what you offer and what you’re looking for – but also remember to do this in the context of what you can do for a client, so they can see how you would help and the results you can get.

3. Connect: Remember to connect with people you already know, add people you meet at events or those you network with on other social platforms, and engage in their content. Make sure to ask clients/former colleagues to give you a LinkedIn endorsement and recommend you for skills. If you want to be known and found based on certain skills, be sure to get people to endorse them specifically.

4. Be active: You want to be known for your area of expertise and stay at the front of potential clients’ minds. Engaging with the right content, updating regularly and joining LinkedIn groups can help. The LinkedIn blogging function is a great way to get ‘found’, and also gives prospective clients a few things to read when they look you up.

5. Target: Target and connect with people who you think may need your skills. You can personalise a message when you request to connect, so you can introduce yourself that way. Failing that, you can also follow people initially so you can see any public posts they make.

6. Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags on your profile, posts and blogs to help you and your content get found.

7. Job search: Freelance posts may be posted as a specific role or sometimes people ask for recommendations for freelancers. Use the LinkedIn search function and you may find posts and conversation threads that are relevant.

8. Ask for referrals: Get in touch with people in your network and use the LinkedIn messaging tool to let them know what you are doing and what you’re offering. Ask them to forward your details on if they think of anyone who may use your services.

All of these opportunities are through the free LinkedIn account, and there are other tools available using their ‘Premium service’.

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